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"Shirt 1 Chronicles". Stepping into Merch with a bang

We are moving forward. We have done a handful of gigs after over a year of writing and practicing in our garage. It's a very, very exciting time for us. Creating a product together has been amazing, but taking it out there and sharing it to others has taken it to the next level. It's even better when we hear that people enjoy the music. We could never be an online shut-in band that never gets out there and plays, so playing live makes this all real and super exciting for us.

That being said...On to the next step that ever gigging band must take....Merchandise.

We decided that we as a band want to physically make our own t-shirts as opposed to merely ordering them and handing over a debit card number. We appreciate every single fan, so for as long as we can do it, we want to personally make the shirts that fans pay for and wear. We love that physical connection with our fans and anyone who chooses to spend some of their hard earned money to support us.

So this is a big step for us. Many bands all over town have crossed this bridge long ago and it's no big deal. For us, however, it's a big deal. It is symbolic of us taking our music on the road. That being said, we have a plan to make this next step memorable for not just us, but for fans and supporters.

"Shirt 1 Chronicles"

We will be giving away the very first shirt we make as a band. Once the press is set up and we run a few test prints (on material OTHER THAN TSHIRTS), we will film the process of all four of us making our first t-shirt as a band. This shirt will be signed and identified as 1st shirt.....and it will belong to one of you, not us. We may never be a famous band and this shirt may never have any monetary value, but to us it means a lot and we believe it belongs to one of you.

This is how you can own it. We will be holding a drawing on March 1. Up to that point, you will see a lot of development and coverage on the infamous "Shirt 1" We will launch official Shirt 1 drawing posts on both Facebook and Instagram. For every follower who tags a friend on the post, this becomes an entry. Tag 100 people on Facebook on our 1st shirt post...100 entries into the drawing. Same goes with Instagram. The more friends you tag, the more chances you have to win. Again, every tag is an entry for the person posting the tag. We would ask that your tags are legitimate and not 2 million random spam tags. Legitimate friend tags, please.

More info will be released as this drawing comes closer as will the official drawing posts that you can reply to with your tag entries.

Thank you and let's have fun with this.


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