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Taking a well-earned breath.

So we had 4 gigs in a little over a month throughout November. They were awesome, so I'm far from bitching. However...they were our first gigs as a band and it's been a few years for all of us since we have played out. It was time to shake the dust off and get out there and we loved every minute of it.

I completely forgot about the total horror we would feel at the first gig we did as a band, even though fans said we sounded great. How we stepped off stage, shaking our heads talking about what we messed up. We are, however, seasoned enough musicians to know that 80% or more of the crowd never saw nor heard the mistakes that made us want to run and hide.

So as mature musicians, we sit down and we discuss what we did well, what we didn't do so well and what gets better next time....and we have made improvements show after show. Anyone who comes to see is worthy of our gratitude and the best possible show we can give you. May we NEVER forget this.

So....We stayed away from booking in December so we could rest, make sure the equipment can hold up to a demanding gig schedule and just refit ourselves mentally. Turned out, I picked up a damn flu which is finally wearing off after it's 4 day tenure. So glad I didn't have a gig booked.

So I guess we rest and recuperate before our next gig (Jan 2nd) is officially revealed.

To be honest, it's tough to not constantly obsess, plan, practice, and think about the next gig. It does become an obsession. When you get to the point where you put on a good show and fans actually enjoy it, it's so damn addicting. It fulfills a sense of purpose in a way that is so hard to explain.

So...We are all going to enjoy the holidays and PRETEND to not be preoccupied with the music, the direction the band is taking and the next gig.



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