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Opening for a stage show legend!

Sunday, November 17, Khallus was honored to open for The Genitorturers. The Genitorturers are a famed industrial metal band that has been around for over 30+ years now. Their stage show and music is sexual and very controversial, so their shows certainly aren't for the squeamish. Opening for such a highly admired and respected act as the Genitorturers on our first month gigging as a band was an honor to say the least.

Their show?.....It was amazing. The Genitorturers have a very lively and dramatic stage show. Shocking and controversial to some, but nobody can dispute the intensity and immersive nature of their live shows. And simply put, they are a hell of a band. Musically, they were tight, their transitions were perfect and they had so much damn energy.

I'll admit, it's intimidating opening for an act with such a dynamic stage show, but it was also so damn inspiring. It wasn't a million-dollar show at a sports arena. It was a small show at a small venue. They showed that with proper lighting, a little bit of props and skillful execution it CAN be done. You CAN put on an amazing show at a small venue without an inflated budget.

I was very, very inspired by their performance.

Inspired to look at our own footage. Inspired to continue working on my own stage presence. Inspired to have the transitions more purposeful and less "hip-shoot". Inspired to make our stage show overall better.

It was such an honor to get such an excellent example of stage presence so early on in the game. I will always remember this show.

Here's to the next gig...see you guys November 30th at the Warehouse in Clarksville, TN.

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