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To Our Dear Friend Chris

RIP Chris George

Khallus recently lost a dear friend. Although I didn't know him as well as I'd like to, Chris George was a long-time friend of the band and a die-hard supporter. He was a drum student and friend of our drummer Mike for decades. Chris is the reason I am the frontman for Khallus. I had put an ad in the local Craigslist mentioning I was a metal singer looking for an original project to front. Chris reached out to me and told me he had some friends that had a band in need of a singer. I pointed him to some of my online material, he checked it out, then told me I might be a good match for the band. Chris made the introductions, we all talked, then decided it was indeed a good match as Chris had called it.

Chris was probably present at 3 of our rehearsals and I've likely only spent a total of 3-4 hours in Chris's presence, but he was a hell of a guy. He always said wherever we went he would be there supporting us and helping us out...on the road or not.

At one of our recent rehearsals, Chris had made some suggestions on my vocal part, some of which have been integrated. I didn't think much about it at the time, but that was the last time any of us would see Chris alive. We then got the sudden news that Chris had passed in his sleep at a very young age of 37.

This band would not exist if not for Chris George and we will remember that in everything we do.

He would have been with us at every gig....and to us, he will be.

RIP, dear friend.

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