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What music am I currently geeking on?

Mike Patton has long been an inspiration to me as a singer, so I have spent the last few weeks really studying "Midlife Crisis" by Faith no More. I love how Mike sings with total abandon. As a frontman, I would love even half the energy Mike Patton brings to his craft.

Before there was Korn, there was Faith no More. The passionate, spoken word, the tribal beats, the minor harmonies....Faith no More paved the way for Korn.

Man, where do I begin with this song? I love the percussive element. Prior to studying vocal craft (and a little guitar), I was a drummer for over 20 years. I am a sucker for tom-laden tribal beats. Very raw and primitive. I also have a fascination with spoken word. Used lightly (like seasoning), spoken word can add an element of expression that steps out of the boundaries of the music. You can focus on the message and not worry about how it fits into the construct of the song. The verses to Midlife Crisis are more spoken than sang.

That Pre-chorus. "suck ingenuity. Down through the family tree". That minor harmony makes my hair stand on end.

We as a band strive to create something original. Is that an impossible feat? Who knows. Yes, there are only so many ways you can manipulate the same 12 notes on the keyboard that Mozart did. There are only so many words in the English dictionary.

As a singer, Mike is quite an inspiration to me. He wrote the lyrics for "The Real Thing" only a few weeks after joining the band. He has a unique energy, unique voice, unique perspective and writing style.

So there you have it. VM Phoenix, obsessively listening to Midlife Crisis asking myself how they did it. Pretty mind-blowing song to me.

Link is below. Hopefully, you see the same genius in this piece as I do.

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