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Cell phones at live performances

Here we button topic in our industry. You'll see many a musician get red-faced when you ask about cell phones during a live performance. I'll admit, we musicians tend to not understand the draw to take a cell phone out at a live venue, but it's more and more prevalent. We have to address it. My mentality? I love eye contact. When I sing to spectators, I sing TO spectators. I want to make eye contact, I want to interact directly with the audience. When I'm singing to a bunch of apple logos, I'll admit it's not the same.

However, that being said, many of us forward-thinking musicians have accepted the reality of the situation and learned to work within this. The internet changed everything. Now an artist can have their music heard by the whole world and the only things standing in the way is their product and their ability to sell it. Now record contracts are an option, not the only way. The famous dancing violinist Linsey Sterling is an independent artist. No record label. She used the internet to be seen and heard and ran with it. Inspiring, to say the least.

So....The next time you're watching a live band and want to take out your cell phones, try to understand that you're taking a bit of the experience away from the artist when your phone is now the intercessor between you and them. How can you make this up to the artist? Make that phone work for them. When you watch a band play and you like them, look up their Facebook if they don't tell you. If you want to stream the broadcast, tag them. Share the band. Link the band's page in your description. If I don't get to see your eyes, if I don't get to see you enjoying the show, then you would honor me by telling your friends about us.

Do we like performing to your cell phone? Usually not. Do we know what power you wield with your cell phone? Absolutely. If you are telling 400 of your most intimate friends about Kallus, then I'll sing to your phone all damn day.

We look forward to seeing you all (and even your damn cell phones lol) this gigging season.

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