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"Fake it to Make it"

With the advent of direct online production and social/visual media, many of us are encouraged and tempted to appear larger and more successful than we are. I find myself using the famous "Fake it till you make it" quote and fall to the temptation to appear larger and farther along than we are. But to be honest, I think our situation and story is what makes us unique as a band. We are mature musicians. Many reviewers of Bake Sale referred to us as "Classic metal", which is kinda cool. 20 year olds are playing the music I listened to in high school, so I'm told us mature guys getting on stage and making OUR music earns a natural level of respect. So here we are...Not a huge band. We are not seeking to sign a record label. We just want to make and perform music. If doing this earns us a few bucks instead of costing us, then I'd call it a success. The beauty of being in an original project and creating a product is the gratification that if someone, even one person, likes it then it was worth it. So when I see that we gained 3 more likes or followers on our Facebook page or someone has subscribed to our youtube channel, it makes me smile. Every 1 person who buys our music, every 1 person who follows our Facebook, every 1 person who tells their friends about us is huge and greatly appreciated. So here we are....4 mature guys with a hell of a story and quite a bit of life experience. We're not a big band, we may never be a household name, but we have a story to tell and we believe it's a damn good story. For anyone interested enough to listen to it and support it, we are humbled and grateful. Much more of the story is soon to come. Join us for the ride?

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