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To read or ignore....

Shortly after releasing "Bake Sale" on itunes/play, we decided to submit the song for fan review. Reading fan reviews is a process both uplifting and painful. As in any genre and any band, you won't be well received by everyone. It's just statistically impossible and you can't take it personal. The song was submitted to 100 reviewers (regardless of musical taste) and compiled. As a singer, I was always taught to stand up and face criticism...almost in a defiant manner. You have to look at the big picture and see what percentage of listeners enjoyed the music. The critics can be hard to overlook, because nobody likes criticism, but in the grander scheme the song was quite well received. We were surprised by the number of very positive reviews....especially for a first release.

We are an independent garage band and we are competing in a market with multi-million dollar producers and bottomless record label budgets. So it was a hell of a gauntlet to run through, but we got through. A little roughed up, but inspired and encouraged. We are very motivated and will update you as future releases develop.

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