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The devil is in the details

So this is what happens when you have a 4-piece band that consists of three drummers. When I first joined, I listened to a particular song and the drums appeared to enter a half-note off. I wrote this off as a mistake and we addressed it tonight. Come to find out, A 8th note tag was written into the song originally and Mike (the actual drummer) adjusted his beat to come in on the correct (written) downbeat. However, Matt and I both felt like the downbeat started earlier since Matt played the intro as a solo. Matt had subconsciously played in a 8th note "stutter step" to reconcile the riff in his own mind once the song got rolling. Hoffey (being the only non-drummer in the group) noticed the stutter step and pointed it out to Matt even though Matt wasn't even aware he was making the correction. So holy crap...serious Scooby-Doo mystery solved tonight regarding the ellusive 8th note. Now, adjustments are made and the rhythm is reconciled, regardless of what rhythmic perspective you have on the intro. Entertaining night. Tremendous progress has been made on the song "Bake Sale" and we're very excited to get it recorded. Keep your eyes open!

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