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Introduction from VM Phoenix, lead vocalist

Greetings. Wanted to introduce myself as the lead vocalist of Kallus. I was brought up as a metal drummer for over 15 years, then began branching out into vocals and guitar. Began taking vocals seriously in my 20s. Recently, I began studying under a Colorado-based jazz singer named Nance Vixen. She focused on mechanics and technicality of voice and taught me to fall in love with the craft all over again. I am a 3-octave Alto with a natural melodic raspiness in my voice. I am inspired by greats of vocal technicality such as Geoff Tate of Queensryche and Lane Staley of Alice in Chains. I have performed under a few unsigned metal bands and pursued a solo career for a few years. However, I missed being part of a creative group and the synergy that can only come from a collaboration of musicians from different genres and backgrounds. At that point, I was introduced to a Clarksville band who was in the market for another vocalist. After meeting, we immediately knew it was a match. We together decided that the band was different enough that we would start with a new name and move forward free of baggage. It is an honor to work with Mike, Matt and Ron "Hoffey" in this venture. They already have an impressive catalog of finished songs, so the burden is now on me to get caught up so we can get recorded and on the road. Look forward to the future work with Kallus as well as seeing you guys on the road.....VM Phoenix.

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