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Diverse and devoted

Made of musicians who span many genres, Nashville, TN based Khallus combines the rhythmic technicality of prog metal with hard-hitting guitar riffs.  Add energetic, passionate vocals and you have a new original metal sound for Tennessee and beyond.

"Love the heavy hard distortion sound on the guitar. The drums and guitar are played so well and sound so good together. Unique voice sounds so good in the song. I love the dramatic lyrics used they sound so well suited to this song. Also Iove the tempo changes and key changes so much as they create more of a varity within the music. The chorus is my favourite part as the vocalist goes all out. Love all the breaks and the pauses too, causing a great atmosphere." 

"The beats are rocking! Love the good vibe they have to them. his voice is really good and I love the tone in his voice. He blends very well with the instruments. he Is a good singer. He is very talented and the song is very good. enjoyed it."

"Head banging for all its worth! The drums are phenomenal. I love this brand of heavy metal. There is no screaming and I could understand the lyrics, which are magnificent. This song reminds me of my days of banging AC/DC and Black Sabbath. The music on this track is really well done and I loved every minute of the song."

"This is some good head banging music. The lyrics are well written and the beat drives up your blood pressure. The beat has a real good drive to it. This band will go far as they are just two thumbs up and just that cool."

.........Soundout fan reviews..."Bake Sale"

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Clarksville, TN, USA

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